Amsterdam is a vibrant city that offers a lot of inspiration for artists. Art and culture are in the DNA of this city and are increasingly becoming an important catalyst. It is a place that serves as a breeding ground for experiments and new ideas. Over the centuries, a story has been built on creativity, pleasure, beauty and independence.

This historical view leads to a new point of view at the artist and his work. In a city of vivacity, new creations and ideas arise. And thus the vision at a new fair: “Four Seasons Art Fair”.

Amsterdam will attend a new art fair!




What does Four Seasons Art Fair offer?

  • An art fair in a special location, centrally located in Amsterdam. Loods 6 is one of Amsterdam’s most distinctive architectural pearls within a maritime heritage. A unique and restored property that originally served as a departure and arrival hall of the renowned KNSM shipping company. Nowadays, Loods 6 is a workshop for artists and an inspirational collective building for creative companies. The luggage room is transformed into a unique exhibition space.
  • The luggage hall is 80 meters long, 9 meters wide and 5 meters high, with a piece of 30 meters wide at the end. This exhibition space offers accommodation for up to 130 artists.
  • Four Seasons Art Fair offers artists a stand at a fair price per linear meter. This allows us to offer a commission-free trade fair.
  • Art Fairs Service provides the stands with lighting facilities.
  • We offer artists the opportunity to sell artworks directly to art-lovers without the intervention of a gallery.
  • We strive for high quality art in various disciplines. The works of art are evaluated in advance by curators and artists on originality and craftsmanship.
  • We are proud to present artists from at least 15 different countries.
  • An off-line and on-line advertising campaign will be realized.
  • An opening with Prosecco and live music. In addition, we offer a separate program of music artists and live music throughout the day. We’re pleased that our favourite Italian Bella Storia restaurant offers all visitors a variety of Italian dishes and beverages.


What’s in it for you ?!

  • You only pay for the linear meters you actually use.
  • We do not work with galleries. The advantage? No commission! As an artist, you are in direct contact with your customers and potential art buyers without interference from third parties and without commission. This way you can earn the best at minimal costs.
  • There is no one who can tell as fascinating about your work as you and this is a big advantage in customer loyalty. Through direct contact with the artistic audience, there is a personal and intimate interaction between you as an artist and the visitor. In addition, you know who walks out the door with your work and you can build a direct customer base.
  • You get recognition and support for your artistic qualities as an artist.
  • Due to a wide selection of artists, you can distinguish yourself.
  • The stock market is optimally promoted.
  • Interaction between art lovers and fellow artists. The fair offers you a network where new contacts and collaborations can come forth.
  • You get two access cards for the VIP opening.
  • You receive your own copy of the specially published FSAF catalogue.
  • You’ll get a chance to win the FSAF Award with nice prices.
  • You will be offered a separate profile page on the FSAF website that will remain available as long as the art fairs exists.