Jan van der Horn

Artwork 1: “Pink Lotus”

Artwork 2: “Droom Boom”

Out of Thin Air……………Fantastic Photography

(staged photography by Jan van der Horn)

As a graphic artist, Jan van der Horn has developed a visual language through photography. He creates ‘staged photography’. Out of thin air form, colour, material and light appear, and in his studio a stage for his photography is created. The theme is the magic of Magic Hour. The moment in which nature grows still and the sun sets.
His photography works as sculpture, it comes into being by his hands. He is inspired by Dutch marshes, ponds, ditches and Mr Bommel, a Dutch cartoon character. He draws the photograph  through the material, with its vanishing point in the distance. He is trying to catch fairy tales……. but fairy tales dart away.
As a photographer, Jan van der Horn has captured everything that appeared in his world. Now he is creating his own world in his studio, gradually transforming his space into a photography studio where he captures the magic moment photographically.