With his innovative vision Swas knows how to surprise by transforming existing shapes into new art. His creations give history a future.

Born on 6-6-’66 in a working-class neighbourhood in Amsterdam, the love for art began with his admiration for his grandfather, who led the restorations of the highly regarded Tropenmuseum. His craftsmanship and eye for detail gave Swas the foundation to develop into the artist he is known for today. His passion for wood craft, baroque elements and industrial design has always played an important role in all his designs and art collections. Swas works in his studio in Amsterdam on paintings, wood carvings, renovations, furniture, his Transcriptors  collection and his brands AssTray and A Sexy Sound .

As initiator of the creative collective N.D.S.Q.T,  Swas wants to ensure that Dutch art and design are maintained and protected.