Willem Rasing

Artwork 1: Pussycat

Artwork 2: Chessmate


Between Rembrandt and Willem de Kooning, between realism and abstract art, between joke and seriousness. Dutch artist Willem Rasing is inspired by a lot during his life. He’s always searching to express his thoughts and feelings in paintings, collages, computer designs, cartoons and whatever other ways. Living his younger years opposite a catholic church, religion in relationship to modern life is one of his regular themes. Therefore the cross will be present at this fair. Especially for this art fair he made 200 new works in different sizes. From 6 cm x 6 cm to 20 cm by 20 cm using different materials mixed together. Many of these “painted sketches” show lonely people in undefinable landscapes and will be used for bigger designs and works in oil paint in the future.


For detailed information and photographs you can have a look at my website http://wrasing1.wix.com/willemrasingartoons

Willem Rasing

Email: w.rasing1@chello.nl