Eva Panchenco

Artwork 1: “Two Jellyfish”

Artwork 2: “Dance Black Jellyfish”

Eva Panchenko is a child of two artists (one of them is her mother Olga Zelinskayaand ) and make art since childhood. She was born by the Black Sea and perhaps this is the reason why she likes to draw sea creature and really adores them!

I am a schoolgirl. In my spare time I make art, do sport (bodybuilding) and participate in competitions. I have a title of vice champion of Moscow in fitness category ( top 4 of Russia)
“Fitness” is not only boy proportions in pose, but also plastique of dance, acrobatics in free style.
I include a bunch of emotions in move, music is running through me. The results of that emotions are the patterns on my canvas. Emotions that I experience during dancing inspire me.” Eva

It’s special both Russian artists, mother Olga Zelinska and daughter Eva Panchenko, are exhibiting at the same time at FSAF.