Mario Keglevic


2007: Window to the world NL/JP Nagasaki National Museum

2012 : Galerie Jordaan  Amsterdam
Art4Elkaar Amsterdam

2013: Galerie Jordaan  Amsterdam
Café Eijlders Amsterdam

2014: Gallery Cloud Amsterdam

2015: Café Eijlders Amsterdam


“I was 10 years old when I got my first oil paints and started to paint on glass, the technique which many living artists today admire how it is done. In my childhood I mostly had to paint at night while my parents were sleeping, because they didn’t support my skills in my early age. My love for colors was enormous, which made me to discover how to paint my own world and my own peace.

In 1993 I left to Australia during the conflict in Yugoslavia. After settling down in Perth I met my forthcoming art teacher, Sarah McNamara, who saw my work and encouraged me to study further art. I finished my studies in art and design in 1997 and had several exhibitions in Australia from 1995 till 2000. During my studies in art, one of my inspirational artists was Pieter Brueghel, a Flemish Renaissance painter, whose colors I studied very closely. I moved to live and work in Amsterdam after returning to Europe in 2000.

I paint memories of my childhood, mainly from the countryside where I used to go to visit my uncle during the school holidays. I capture the landscapes, villages and people with warm and balanced colours, making my paintings to radiate with peace and harmony.

In the beginning of the new millennium 2000, after moving to Amsterdam and having experienced big changes in my life, I had difficulties to find my peace again to paint. It took me five years to get back with my passion with the help of beautiful and inspiring people I met in Amsterdam, who gave me the support and my confidence back in my art. Amsterdam is after all the promised city for me, where I am close to my Flemish Renaissance painter’s colors.

I exhibited my work in Japan, Nagasaki “Window to the World NL/JP 2007″. It was a big success for me and it made me to paint more seriously than ever before. Having a solo exhibition in  my mind I decided to make a bigger collection of paintings. “Twelve Chapters” is a collection of 12 paintings, which reviews my life from my childhood to this day, including an impressive painting, ” Broken Hearts” which is about a painful memory from the war in Croatia in 1991.