Marja van Putten

Artwork 1: “Stijlloos”

Artwork 2: “Huisstijl”

The paintings of Marja van Putten contain a multitude of images and associations. They confuse you when you see them because of the story they tell and the used materials, the way they are painted. Each painting is something that pinches: an opposition. One painting delivers a distinct bright image and in another one keeps you looking for consistency and your thoughts circle around looking for the story behind it. It pushes you to approach the painting step by step… Characteristic are the differences in every single painting like the contrasts in materials, art historical quotations, theme and format. The consistency in the work is not easy to find, but asks for the viewer’s scrutiny. For one observer, it is a cacophony of color, for the other it is a feast of color and a passion for painting and experiment.