Oleksii Gnievyshev

Artwork 1: “Searcher”

Artwork 2: “The Tiger”

Oleksii Gnievyshev possesses a unique and particular painting style which blends classical realism with a modern touch. In a series of portrayals, Oleksii narrates tales from Greek mythology along with an interplay between human and animal nature. His pictures appear vivid and powerful: the animals embody a particular sentiment and the interaction between the characters tell a story. Influences from Asian culture can also be seen in Gnievyshev’s works. The fascination with Japan does not only stem from general interest, but also from the historical and familial background of the artist: Oleksii Gnievyshev’s family have their roots in Japan. When asked about the inspiration behind his works, Gnievyshev speaks of the fascinating energies that individuals emanate, as well as of the certain kinds of wisdom which animals possess. The beauty of the interplay between two beings is what gives meaning and depth to his art. He also talks of abstract realism, an artistic movement given birth through renowned artists many centuries ago. In keeping with this tradition, Gnievyshev presents an abstract interpretation of real objects and forms, which are portrayed accordingly.