Olga Zelinska

Artwork 1: “Agni”

Artwork 2: “Garnet Stone”

Olga Zelinskaya lives and works (graphic design, architecture, design) in Moscow, Russia.Olga draws for a very long time. In her work she uses oil on canvas and a complex multi-layer process of complex glazings that she has elaborated.

“Generally I uses women portraits. They are beautiful creatures, goddesses, and womanized elements, minerals and metals. This is my manifest to the endless feminine beauty. It is my music in color. My characters came from an unknown mystical world, from far planets where there is a reign of fantastic music of colors and lines, where from the eternal and immortal spaces come incredible shapes that cannot be captured by poor mind of commonness. “| Olga Zelinskaya

Olga works with her daughter Eva (who is also exhibiting FSAF) and also teaches painting and animates workshops.