Wajipha Chongwe

Artwork 1: “Me And You”

Artwork 2: “Emerging”

Movement is really important to me. Every thing I create is connected to movement. The movement of space, the movement of time and the movement in life. The spiral is the basis of our interconnection between real time and motion of existence. Every thing I draw is an expansion or connection of what already exists but is not always known or seen by an individual. I believe that we are all connected by threads each vibrating at various speeds and frequencies. These create movement and sound. I try to capture a snapshot of this in my artwork. My artwork is about beauty, strength and knowledge. It is the template of us… It is created to inspire, encourage and embrace our very true sense of being… Who am I? Where am I ? How did I get here? Where do I fit in? How do I fit in? I am, I is, I are, we are… are all concepts borne out of my work.